American Institute of Architects 

My role: Producer; Campaign Manager; Film challenge Program Development

Architects, in partnership with community and civic leaders, are building solutions in towns, cities, and neighborhoods all across the country, taking on challenges as opportunities for making America better through building progress that can improve our everyday lives; all lives.

Read about my experience meeting the "other" America, and realizing that we have a shared humanity that brings us all together, no matter our beliefs, backgrounds, or experiences. 

The American Institute of Architects is the leading professional membership association for licensed architects and emerging professionals. With nearly 300 state and local chapters, the AIA serves as the voice of the architecture profession and the resource for our members in service to society.

Since 2015, we've worked with the American Institute of Architects to bring to light the value that architects bring to communities and engage the relevant public. We created a multi-year marketing campaign which includes TV Commercials, Documentary Films, Social Media Campaigns, Film Competitions, and more.

My role through the years has been to lead campaign planning and execution and lead the national Film Challenge strategy, development, and management. I was the lead producer for Rural Studio and Chris Downey shorts, and supported during pre-production for the Midtown. A Blueprint for Better film.

The films have premiered in 2015, 2016, and 2017 at the AIA Annual Conventions - one of the largest gatherings of architecture and design professionals in the world.

MJ_AIA1_670 (1).jpg

Rural Studio Team

Producer: Angie Gontaruk

Journalist: Lindsay Stillman

Art Director: Pauby Widjaja

Photographer: Keith Isaacs

DP: Jeff Durking

Filmmaker: Dragan Radoicic

Chris Downey Team

Producer: Angie Gontaruk

Creative Director: Margaux Joffe

Filmmaker: Nelsel Brazill

Assistant Filmmakers: Reaa Puri and Marc Estrada

Photographer: Beatrice Seifert

Midtown. A Blueprint for Better. Film

Lead Producer: Lindsay Stillman

Producer/Production Management: Angie Gontaruk

Creative Director: John Munyan

Art Director: Ben Bellayuto

Filmmaker: Riley Engemoen

Photographer: Keith Isaacs