Cesar Chavez - Farmworker Rights 


Cesar Chavez was an American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist, who used grassroots organizing to support the rights of farmworkers. In recognition of Cesar Chavez Day, Pivot Television partnered with Students of the World to create content that would engage millennial viewers with their programming, specifically "Cesar's Last Fast," a feature documentary film directed by Richard Ray Perez.

In order to make Cesar Chavez's story relevant to their millennial viewers, we wanted to key into real stories that affect farmworkers today, and tell the story through a voice that would be relevant to our audience.

To do this, I worked on the design and production of the "Emerging Voices Production Program" to support aspiring filmmakers from diverse backgrounds. Our inaugural grantee Nelson Navarrete, received a production grant, mentorship from award-winning filmmaker Richard Ray Perez, and national distribution on pivot. His film “Harvesting Hope,” highlights the story of a 16 year old farmworker who dreams of inspiring his community through art.

The film, along with behind the scenes content and a filmmaker vignette, aired on Pivot TV in conjunction with Perez’s Cesar’s Last Fast. The grant program resulted in meaningful and socially relevant content that engaged millennial viewers with farmworker experience, facilitated cross-generational dialogue and capacity-building.

Project Team

Angie Gontaruk - Producer, Campaign Manager

Margaux Joffe - Creative Director

Leilani Gushkin - Producer, Pivot TV

Murphy Gilson - Creative Director, Pivot TV

Kadrian Alvarenga - Marketing Manager, Pivot TV

Richard Ray Perez - Mentor and Director of "Cesar's Last Fast"

Nelson G Navarrete - Grantee and Director/Producor/Editor of "Harvesting Hope"

Larry Cheuk - Cinematography for "Harvesting Hope"

Elik Álvarez - Music for "Harvesting Hope"