CVS: Donate, Don’t Dump

For about a year, Anna Sacks has walked up and down the streets of New York City to save perfectly good food and other items from CVS’s trash, which she then gifts to friends, family, and people in need.

CVS Pharmacy, as a policy, throws out excess, slightly damaged, or about-to-expire merchandise. But knowing that millions of Americans, including some CVS employees, struggle to put food on the table and buy household essentials, Anna believes CVS can do better. She started an instagram account, The Trashwalker, to document her journey and share what she finds.

I’m working with Anna on a campaign to get CVS to update its donations policy and stop dumping unexpired merchandize. We employ various tactics including community organizing, digital engagement, marketing, customers & employees surveys, direct outreach, media pitching, corporate influencing, and more.

Stay tuned for updates as the campaign unfolds.