Disposable Camera Project - Buenos Aires

In the fall of 2017, I traveled to my hometown, Buenos Aires, and used a disposable camera to capture the every day of my commute, strangers I met on the way, and the family that I had left behind long ago - all while exploring what Home meant to me.  I was fascinated by the diversity I encountered in Buenos Aires, one which was not as obvious to me while growing up there. Getting intimate with my surroundings, I realized that every experience honored who I am and shaped my sense of place, belonging, adventure, and curiosity.

As a storyteller by trade and curious wanderer by nature, this project allowed me to break down the barriers of discomfort, making way for building bridges of sympathy and understanding. Bridges beyond culture. Bridges unseen, but felt potently. It was a way to get to know my country in a different way, without confining myself to a narrow view of the local or the tourism, and allowing myself to learn from strangers and their various perspectives. Familial ties.

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