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Hello! I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and have lived in the US for 14 years. Transculturalism, grassroots organizing, and engaging in social progress are my passions. 

Work wise, I'm currently at CSpence Group where I've produced campaigns ranging from clean water in Malawi, human trafficking relief in India, and sexual assault prevention, architectural solutions, and environmental disaster relief in the US. 

Volunteer wise, I've lent my thought-leadership and craft in the political and social advocacy space for immigrants and other minorities since moving to the US. I'm on FWD's Innovation Council and started 617 Forum to engage my community in dialogue and action towards positive social change. I've had the honor of speaking publicly on panels and with the news media about these issues. I also consult with companies like the 3% Movement and am a contributing writer for #LatinaGeeks.

What drives me? The power of media and grassroots organizing to engage communities in dialogues of equality, equity, and development, and - most importantly - turning those dialogues into sustainable practices and positive impact.

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